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Dear Mike,

I think it has been about 7??? years that we have been spending Pesach with you on your fabulous Pesach Time ventures.  As a family, we cannot describe in words what a wonderful time we have and how everyone in the family looks forward to the Pesach time of year. From the first year to these past few years at Pocono Manor, there is nothing that you can ever do that could make the Yom Tovim more perfect for us. As I often tell you, this is a huge financial undertaking for our family and yet, it is worth every single penny we pay. What it is like to walk to the Seder table and sit down and enjoy the cohesiveness of being with and enjoying our family is something that I could never describe adequately in words. I am sure this is what Hashem wanted Yom Tovim to be like for all. Personally, I have such an appreciation for sitting at the Seder table when I would otherwise be slaving in the house/kitchen and it is all, thanks to you and Elisa. 

There are so many adjectives that can be used to describe your program. The warmth, the relaxing atmosphere, the respect you show each individual person/family and the attentiveness to kashrut as well as having different items available for every person's minhag are just some of the things that come to our minds when we think of Pesach with Mike.  Let me not be remiss about mentioning the comradity that everyone who comes to Pesach Time feels whether they are a Chasid, a Lakewood Yeshiva bocher who sits and learns all day, a woman who covers her hair and wears skirts to her ankles or the woman who doesn't cover her hair at all. The respect and warmth everyone shows each other has to come down from the top as the say, from the helm and this is all because of you and Elisa. You truly treat each person like they are guests in your own home. Even your staff are people we look forward to seeing each year.

We could go on and on as we really love you guys so much. We look forward, G-d willing to seeing you sooner than later when Pesach creeps up on us again.

Wishing you all the best,
 Barbara and David Frohlich, Teaneck NJ

The Mandel's run a great Pesach program - from the the the scheduling and entertainment...and of course, to the food.  They extend all their kochos to ensure that their guests enjoy a magnificent yom tov / vacation experience. We have attended the Mandel program for 6 years and look forward each year to returning!  
David and Pamela Metzger, Passaic NJ
Pesach Time Tours runs an absolutely fantastic program. Joining the Mandel's for Pesach is like being with family. We're looking forward to joining you again. Keep up the great work.
Dov & Gayle Katz, Bergenfield NJ 

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